Who Are We?

World Bread Company produces healthy gluten-free multi-grain products, renowned for our high quality and nutritious ingredients, our products are utterly unique as well as delicious in flavor and texture. Like none other in the current market, our pizza crust and wrap are organic, gluten free, vegan, low glycemic, high protein, high fiberand with a delicious flavor profile! World Bread Company was developed by this father-daughter nutritional duo after both adopting a healthy gluten-free lifestyle due to their research and experience in the health field, and soon realized the lack of quality products in the gluten-free realm. With their knowledge of the growing research in gluten’s link to numerous diseases and other symptoms of ill-health, World Bread Company was developed to provide healthy and delicious alternatives for those suffering with gluten-related disorders and even those just looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle.



Dr. Mark Baxter is the President and codeveloper of World Bread Company.  He has been a doctor of Chiropractic with an emphasis on Functional Medicine for over thirty-five years. He continues to treat patients in his clinic, Baxter Health Center, many of whom seek his knowledge and care for disorders rooted in gluten intolerance. 



Colleen Baxter is the Vice President and co-developer of World bread Company.  As a Certified Health and Lifestyle Coach she has a growing practice of guiding individuals towards optimal vibrancy through her brand Vessel and Soul.  Also a writer of consciousness and model of empowered living, she lives and breathes a healthy gluten free vibrant lifestyle.

Together, we created World Bread Company to combine our missions of bringing high quality gluten free foods with making a beneficial impact on the hunger epidemic in 3rd world countries. World Bread Company, Healing the World with Healthy Grains.